So hi there…

Hi! My name is Tracy Roach. I’m such a detail hound when I read people’s blogs, so I’m going to be super wordy here. 🙂 I’m a very happily married SAHM who also does on location family photography as well as crafting of all sorts. I’ve been married to my best friend Nick since 1998, and we have 3 beautiful children – Taylor, Lily, and Sawyer. 

I’m blessed, blessed, blessed to be a child of God, and He has given me a truly beautiful life! We had our first daughter, Taylor in 2001, and I loved being a mom! A few years later we decided to try for number two. After a year and a half with no pregnancy, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. My doctor told me that, unless I started on several fertility drugs, we would never have another baby. Nick and I prayed hard about it, and in the end we decided it was not the path for us. I have no problem at all with anyone who chooses that route – the medical advances are phenomenal and it has done a lot of families great good. But for us, it felt like God was telling us to just be still and wait on Him.

So we decided that we would do just that. We had an amazing daughter in Taylor, and if we never had another baby, we were blessed to have her! A couple of years later, much to my doctor’s surprise, I turned up in her office expecting again! Much to MY surprise, I was 3 months along! In October 2009 we welcomed Lily into our family, overwhelmed by how God had blessed us with another baby!

He really knocked our socks off when He blessed us with a baby boy in January 2012! I had some problems in that pregnancy, and Sawyer was born almost 6 weeks early at a whopping 3 lb 11 oz. But even there God’s hand was so very clear. Sawyer did just great, and though he had to spend a little time in the NICU, he never even had to go on oxygen, and we got to bring him home when he was 11 days old and weighed just 3 lb 13 oz! He was the smallest baby ever released by our NICU, but he was getting along so famously that they just couldn’t justify keeping him any longer!

When Lily was born, my husband had faith to follow God’s leading in allowing me to quit my job and live my lifelong dream of being a stay at home mom! I started doing photography in my free time (haha, “free time” is such a relative term when you have little ones!), and a couple years later I started an Etsy shop called Sawyer Ford Home where I sell handmade pillow covers and other home decor items along with hair and jewelry items for girls and women of all ages.

I’m a really good cook at a very limited selection of dishes, a horrible housekeeper, a champion Pinner, a voracious reader, a redeemed child of God, a Nikon girl, my husband’s biggest fan, a lover of sweets, an unreformed night owl, an abuser of emoticons, the best sweet tea maker on the planet, a devotee of high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and squishy feather pillows, a craft store addict, an unrepentant user of ridiculously long, wordy, run-on sentences, and pretty nifty at origami. 

Some of the things I love soverymuch:


*My husband

*My kiddos

*My church



*My Silhouette Machine




*Happy Mail

*Giving handmade gifts

*Getting handmade gifts

*Hobby Lobby/Michael’s/Joann’s/A.C. Moore

*My glue gun

*Date nights

*Criminal Minds

*Criminal Case on Facebook (Don’t judge me!)

*Church Camp

*Brand new babies


*Orange Italian Ice

*Finding out ALL the details!

I’m hoping this blog can be a place where I share my crafty goings-on as well as keep track of what’s happening in our lives. And maybe I’ll get to meet some great fellow crafters along the way!

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