Lily’s Doll and Doll Dress

Well I finished the doll version of the dress, and I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

It was a little less complicated than the full size dress since the back just has a Velcro finish. I opted to leave off the sash, which is just a ribbon in this version anyway, since I made Lily’s sash from the main dress material and didn’t want the doll version to have a contrasting sash. Plus, I can totally see my entire life for the next week being spent retying the dang thing.

The doll was a steal for around $5 at Hobby Lobby (after coupon of course). 

 I asked Lily in a roundabout way what color she would want the hair to be if she had a new baby, and my hardcore princess girly girl was adamant about pink, so that’s what she got. I just dotted the eyes on with the end of my paintbrush, and free handed the lips, which explains why they’re slightly off center from the eyes (read: I AM NOT AN ARTIST). 

I’m not going big on Easter baskets this year due to time and financial constraints, so this is going to be just about the only thing in hers other than a little candy and maybe a bracelet or two. For Valentine’s Day I made her a little pink and white bracelet using seed beads and memory wire. I’d post a picture, but she wore it so constantly that she actually managed to permanently stretch out the memory wire, and it’s kind of mangled now. But I’ve got mint and purple seed beads, so I’ll probably make her another one, and I may or may not do a rolled rosette head band for her and dolly using scraps from the dresses.

Happy Saturday, guys!

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