Easy Lined Hair Clips

It’s been a busy weekend! My SIL Rachael had her precious baby girl Adelaide Kinsley (don’t you just love the name?) on Thursday. And we’ve had my sweet nephew Max staying with us this weekend as well. So that’s been awesome, but not exactly conducive to crafting and blogging. But I do have a project for you, although it’s a quick one!

Today I’m going to show you how to create a very inexpensive and very effective non-slip grip for your hair clips, as well as a pair of cute lined clips to put it in!
First we will start with the lining. You’re going to need three things for this:
A sheet of craft felt (preferably white)
A roll of non-slip shelf lining from the dollar store
A hot glue gun
Now this shelf liner comes in all kinds of colors, but I usually just use white since it will go with most hair bows (not that you’re really going to see it, but still). Basically you’re gluing the shelf liner to the felt. I set my glue gun on the high temp setting because it gives me a little more time to work with the glue. Just swirl it across the first couple of inches all the way across the top of your felt. I like to then “spread” the lines of glue across the area I’m working with using the side of the glue gun nozzle area. Then lay the shelf liner down on top of it. Even using high temp glue you’re going to want to work quickly.

Now be VERY CAREFUL not to burn yourself here, but give it just a couple of seconds to cool a bit and quickly but lightly pat down the area of the liner that you just laid down to make sure you get a good bond. Your hand will come away looking like this, but it peels off easily. If you have a silicone spatula/spreader, you could also use that to do the patting down.

Just keep doing that all the way down to the bottom of the felt.

Trim off your excess shelf liner, and you have a sheet of non-slip grip big enough to do a ton of hair clips.

Now for lining the clips. I use these clips on all my hair bows. I get them at Sally’s Beauty Supply for a little under $6 for a box of 100 clips. If you don’t have the club card they’re a little more. But the club card is totally worth it. It’s $5 a year, and when you sign up (at least if you do it in an actual store), they give you a $5 coupon good off your next visit, so it’s basically free. I’m not affiliated with Sally’s, but I do really like them.

Anyway, you’re going to need two of these clips, and 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon. You can use ribbon that’s not grosgrain, but it won’t look quite as nice. Cut your ribbon into 4 1/2 inch strips, one for each clip. Don’t forget to seal the ends with a lighter, Fray Check, or a hot knife/wood burning tool. Please excuse these pictures. They were taken with my phone between corralling two 4 year olds and a 2 year old, so not my best photographic effort. Sorry – it was that or no pictures at all.

Once your ribbon is cut and sealed, you will line the clip. A lot of people line from the inside out, but I like to start on the back. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back of the clip a little above where the prongs start. Ignore the ice cream embellishments in the next few shots. I decided halfway through to use some different ones.

Then turn your clip over and run hot glue almost to the other end of the ribbon. You want to make sure you have room left to grab the end without getting burned.

Wrap the glue covered ribbon around to the front of the clip, making sure to push it into the hinged area with your finger. Again, careful not to burn yourself!

Open up the clip. At this point you can either add glue to the very end of the ribbon, or add the glue to the inside of the clip where the ribbon will be folded onto it.

Carefully fold the ribbon down, making sure all the glue is covered so that you don’t glue your clip closed! If any has oozed out, wipe it away before closing the clip.

Now, cut a piece of your nonslip grip about an inch long and 3/8 of an inch wide. Hold it by the edge so that the felt is facing up. Cover the felt surface with glue. Make sure to cover it all, but it doesn’t need to be a thick layer.

Open your clip, and glue the felt to the inside top, against the ribbon.

Close the clip to get a good bond.

Now for your embellishments. I picked these up on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $1.19 a pack, but you can add anything you like here, a flower, a bow, a fancy button, whatever you have on hand. Decide which end you want the embellishment on and add hot glue.

Then just add your embellishment! If you’re gluing these to a big bow, like a boutique bow, then you’re going to want to add glue all the way across the top of the clip before attaching.

The nonslip grip is super cheap to make, and it holds great, even in soft, slippery newborn hair. And it’s easy to add to any clip, even those you already have!

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