Thanksgiving Headband

Happy November! Can you even believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already? And that means it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to……Christmas. I don’t want to talk about it. I could not be more unprepared.

What I do have prepared though is a tutorial for a very cute headband for the toddler or baby girl in your life!

This one went to my gorgeous niece Adelaide, but I will probably make another one for Lily so they can match.

To make this easy headband, first you will need a leaf/petal shape in 3 graduating sizes cut from cardstock. I just free-handed a design for the first one, cut it out, then cut around it a bit bigger to get the middle size one, then cut around that one to get the biggest. Trust me, I am not what you would call skilled at drawing or cutting things out, so if I can do this, so can you. My smallest shape was about 1.5 inches high, and they went up from there.

Now you want to choose three colors of felt. For the turkey of course I went with yellow orange and brown, but this basic construction can be made with lots of different themes.
Decide what order you want your colors to be layered, and cut nine petals of the largest size from the back color, 9 of the medium size from the middle color, and 9 of the small size from the top color.
Stack them like this, gluing them together with hot glue. Repeat with the rest of the petals until you have 9 petal stacks.
Next, run a short line of glue down from the middle of the bottom part of the smallest petal to the bottom edge of the biggest petal like this.
Then pinch the bottom of the petal stack together and hold for a few seconds till the glue sets. Repeat for the other 9 petal stacks.
You will also need a scrap piece of felt cut 1 x 3 inches.
Now, run a line of glue on the lower half of the side of one of the petal stacks and glue another petal stack right beside it. 
Glue another one to the side of that one, so that you have three petal stacks glued side by side at the base. Repeat that with the rest of the petal stacks so that you have three sets of three side by side petals. Glue them to the scrap of felt, starting at the top and moving down, overlapping each one just a little and leaving a little bit of room at the bottom for the turkey.
Now for the actual turkey I used one of these fun little felt stickers that got in a 7 pack at Michael’s for $1.00.
Just glue it right to the bottom of the felt strip, overlapping the bottom layer of petals. I didn’t remove the white paper from the back of the turkey, because I didn’t want the adhesive exposed since it is not laying against a flat surface.
Look how cute already! Wouldn’t it also make a great embellishment for a gift bag or even a little Thanksgiving shirt?
Now cut a length of elastic appropriate to the size headband you want to make. This was a fold over elastic hair tie I got in a six pack at the Dollar Tree and just untied, thus the wrinkled end. Glue the elastic into a circle, overlapping the ends.
Glue your turkey embellishment to the headband and you’re all done!
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