Glitter Ink

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Today I wanted to share with you a quick and easy way to turn liquid watercolors into seriously gorgeous glitter ink. Our church hosts an annual Ladies Tea, and I just found out that this year’s event will have a theme of “After the Storm”.  The idea is to incorporate something rain or storm related in our table decor. I create pretty place cards for my table every year, so this year I decided to use glittery silver ink to write them.

I immediately thought of Finetec, but I don’t have any silver on hand, so I decided to see what I had on hand that I could make work. I pulled out a bottle of Ecoline Liquid Watercolor in Cold Grey.



I also found an unopened bottle of Winsor Newton Iridescent Medium.

I filled most of a small dinky dip with the Watercolor and added maybe 1/8 tsp of the iridescent medium. Then I screwed the lid on and just shook it up.

Guys, it turned out so gorgeous! It’s hard to capture on camera just how glittery it is!

I have a number of colors of Ecoline Liquid Watercolor, so I mixed up a few shades.

Glitter Ink

Glitter Ink

\Glitter Ink

If you’d like to see me mix the ink and write with it, check out the video below. Happy writing!

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