DIY Mini Canoe with Free Cut File

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Guys, I have the cutest little craft for you! And I have a free cut file for you to make it even easier! Today I want to show you how to make these adorable miniature canoes.

If you’d like, you can follow the tutorial in the video below, or you can keep scrolling for a written tutorial. Either way, you can grab your free files here. You’ll get a .png if you want to print the template and cut by hand, as well as a .svg and a .studio3 file if you want to cut using a cutting machine. These files are for personal use only.

I used the cut file to cut a paper template and cut my actual material by hand but if you have a machine that will cut the material you’ve chosen, you can just do that.

Several years back I bought a kit from Hobby Lobby that had the pieces to make one of these canoes from leather. Before I made that one, I traced around the pieces on paper so I could make more later on. The other day I drew it out in Procreate using my IPad Pro and turned it into a more polished template and cut file. For this post I made one from suede and one from 3mm craft foam.

I didn’t want any pen marks on my suede or craft foam, so I traced around the suede with the point of a sewing awl, and the craft foam with an embossing stylus. I used a fine liner to mark dots through the template onto the material for the stitching holes.

I just used a craft blade to cut out the pieces, then a hole punch for the stitching holes. On the suede I used a 3/8” Punch because I was using thick suede lacing to sew it together. For the foam canoe I used silver twine, so I punched the holes with a 1/16” Crop-a-dile Punch. Start by tying a knot in your twine and threading it through one of the center holes. I used a piece of thin jewelry wire to make myself a needle for the twine.

Thread the twine back up through the corresponding hole on the other half of the canoe, then bring it back down into the same hole you started on.

Carefully pull the twine tight (but not so tight that you tear the foam). Fold the canoe in half and, wrapping the twine around the end of the canoe, thread your twine through the next hole up on both sides. You want your stitches to wrap around the outside of the canoe.

Repeat this step until you’ve reached the top of the canoe. Thread your twine back between the pieces of foam, tie a knot and trim. Repeat the process on the other end of the canoe.

Use a high temp hot glue gun to glue your seat into place, one side at a time.

And you’re done! These would make such a cute activity for a scout meeting or camping themed birthday party! You can also punch more holes around the sides of the canoe and add decorative brads, or use pens, paint, or markers to decorate. I would love to see it if you make one!

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