Blended Brush Lettering

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I don’t do a ton of brush lettering. Pointed pen is usually more my speed. But sometimes brush lettering is just the way to go. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to try out MozArt Single Brush Pens for review. I really liked them, and I left reviews in several places at that time. These days I usually carry these in my purse for on the go art, and I pulled them out to play with a couple of days ago. These pens blend really well on the right paper, and I wanted to show you, so I put together a quick YouTube video so you could see them in action. You can check it out below, or keep scrolling for a short written tutorial.

I used Daler Rowney 70lb drawing paper for these pieces, which you can get at Walmart. I’ve also had good luck with Strathmore drawing paper. You’ll need your drawing paper, your brush pens, and a fine tipped water brush. To start, choose a couple of colors that you would like to blend. I decided to write the word love, and I chose a bright pink and a darker purple. You want to write your word with the lighter or less intense color first.

With your darker color, go over the bottom half of your letters.

Now take your water brush (or just a very fine brush dipped in water) and carefully go over your letters. You will use the water brush to pull the color on the bottom of the letters up into the color at the top of the letters.

The more you go over the line of demarcation between the two colors, the smoother your blend will be.

And that’s all there is to it! Here are a few other pieces I did this way. I hope you enjoy!

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