Home. Finally

Hello. Remember me? So the blog has been on hiatus for a few months, but I’m just about ready to start up regular posting again. Here’s what’s been going on: we bought a house!

Here is a somewhat condensed version of the whole long, painful process: when I last posted about the house situation at the end of the year, we were still on the market and had had two contracts fall through. This was…disheartening to say the least. Then in February we finally had another buyer! Our closing date was set for March 24, and the race was on to find a new house.

We. Looked. At. So. Many. Houses. Our realtor Matt Cupp of the Derek Maples Team at Keller Williams Realty was soooo incredibly patient with us. We were looking for 4 bedrooms, 2+ baths, a 2 car garage, roughly the area we were already in, with a still reasonable commute to work for Nick, fenced in back yard, AND a bonus room/5th bedroom for a craft room. It was the craft room that was a killer for us. There were 4 bedroom houses galore, but very little with a space for me.

Then we found this amazing house that we fell in love with. It had everything we wanted. Everything. And the craft space was a detached space the size of an extra long single car garage, with its own bathroom and huge closet. It was a foreclosure, bank owned, and bidding was open. So we put in our very best, maybe even stretched a little too far bid. But we felt pretty confident that we would get it. Our bid was solid, we had a closing date already set for the sale of our old house, and had already been through inspection on it. Nick’s dad has years of construction experience, and he checked out the new property for us, so we were even submitting our bid with no inspection contingency.

Nick’s parents loved it, my parents loved it, we loved it, the kids loved it. This was it. THE HOUSE. And then…

A cash offer came in. They went with the other buyers. We were devastated. But we knew God had a reason. And the old house was sold, so we had to pick ourselves up and start looking again. Nothing we saw appealed to us. Everything looked so unsuitable next to the house we had lost. We ran poor Matt all over Knoxville and Powell and Maynardville and Clinton. There were a couple of houses that would have technically worked, but our heart just wasn’t in them. We actually signed a contract on one, but were relieved when the inspection came back with issues that allowed us to back out of it, because we just didn’t love it like the one we had lost.

Then Matt showed us the newly listed house on Cartmill Dr. And we loved it. And we bought it. We closed on April 22 and moved in the same day. Right now there are still a lot of boxes in sight, but we are making progress. And there’s even a craft room!

Here’s a quick recap of the journey over the last year with selling and buying: 136 showings, 3 contracts, foundation damage and repair, 5 (FIVE!) extensions on the closing date, 4 weeks living with my parents, and 1 contract extension on the contract for the new house (because of the 5th extension for the buyer on the old house). This was the 5th house we had made an offer on, and the 3rd one we had had a contract on.

I have to give a shout out to our whole realty team. Derek Maples of the Derek Maples Team of Keller Williams listed our house for us last year in a very slow market and kept a constant stream of buyers coming through. As I mentioned, we had 136 showings. And he was a serious rock star when it came to getting us through closing. Unfortunately our buyer’s finance company dropped the ball a number of times, causing the 5 extensions, which resulted in our closing getting delayed 29 days. Derek really advocated for us and ended up getting that finance company to reimburse us for the expenses we incurred due to those delays, which was a huge lifesaver for us.

Matt Cupp showed us house after house, and often checking listings out in person without us beforehand when we were unavailable for showings. He showed us houses as early as 7AM and as late as 9PM, every day of the week. He worked hard to get us the price we needed on the house we bought, and he showed up at closing with a lovely etched glass casserole dish as a housewarming gift. He was almost always available to take my call, and he was awesome about getting back to me quickly if he was unable to answer. Even though we went through way more listings that most of his clients, he never got impatient or tried to push us into buying a house that we wouldn’t be happy with. We always felt safe in his care, and we could tell that his goal was our happiness, not his commission.

Brandon White is the Director of Operations for the Derek Maples Team, and he really is the glue that holds it all together. I could always call him if I had a question, and he was there to hold my hand at closing on the old house. He followed up on a lot of items for me, especially during the drawn out closing process.

This was a really long process for all of us, through no fault at all of anyone (except maybe our buyer’s finance company, but that was only the last few weeks), and they never gave up on us or lost patience with us. I can’t say enough about how much we love them. If we ever decide to sell this house (not that I can even imagine that at this point), we will definitely go with them again.

Most important to us was the fact that this is a team that puts God first. Their motto is God, Family, Real Estate, in that order, and they have a weekly prayer meeting for their clients every Thursday morning.

So anyway, that is what the last 5 months have looked like. Now that we are finally home, we can start settling in, and I can start sharing a few of the crafty things I’ve managed to squeeze in!

Since right now we’re not quite ready for pictures, I’m going to leave you with the listing photos, courtesy of Zillow. We have put up a fan in the master bedroom, but otherwise we’ve not done much else.

LOVE all the wainscoting!

My new Craft Room!

A laundry room! No more laundry in the garage!

This closet. I die!

Secret pass through door between Sawyer’s and Lily’s room.

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Hodge Podge End of Year Update

Guys. Come on now. You didn’t really think I was going to go the whole rest of 2015 without blogging again, did you? Okay, okay, so I’m cutting it close, but I’ve been a little busy. Here’s all that’s been happening:

First of all, the house. We got the foundation work all completed, and it is now completely steady and under a transferable lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, the buyer ended up backing out with no real explanation the very day we were having the work done. So that was disappointing, but the foundation repair needed to be done either way, so we are more prepared than ever for when the right buyer comes along. We also put in new kitchen counter tops and new backsplash along the sink wall, so it went from this:

to this:

Halloween was definitely better this year than last, but I didn’t do anything crafty in the costume department. Or take really any pictures, apparently. This seems to be the sole picture I have of the two littles who trick or treated. Lily was either Rapunzel or Sophia the First, depending on her mood and whether or not she wanted to wear the wig. Sawyer was a little more put together as a pirate. But seriously, what was the deal with this picture? Mom/photographer/blogger fail.

We also had a couple of things going on with the ladies ministries at church. Our Teachers of Good Things group had their quarterly craft meeting, and this time around we made easy burlap wreaths. Nick came up with a pile of wire coat hangers and helped me (mostly just did it for me) shape them into wreath forms. Then we just unhooked the top, accordion folded burlap ribbon, threaded it on, and rehooked the top. My awesome mom, who is a licensed florist, whipped up burlap bows for everyone.

My SIL Leah the wreath model.

We used basically this tutorial on Just Call Me Homegirl although as I mentioned, we accordion folded the burlap instead of zigzagging/twisting to save on time because our church life center had a second event happening after ours. In retrospect, I wish we had followed Homegirl’s tutorial more exactly, because folding it the way we did required more burlap (about 15 yards a wreath) and I found that over time it tends to compress and sag down to the bottom. I think it would work well this way if you were to first use a fabric stiffener on the ribbon.
We also did a fun Christmas Sock Exchange/Cookie Party. Everyone brought a fun pair of new Christmas socks filled with goodies and we all baked cookies and exchanged socks. So fun!
In other news, I finally got to upgrade to a Cameo, and I did a lot of fun projects for Christmas with it, I made a couple of cool guy gifts out of paracord, I made some awesome drop cloth Christmas stockings, and I participated in the Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange again, all of which deserve their own post. Happy New Year, guys!
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Poking my head up…

I’ve been trying to post for like a week now, but I’m sick, and it just seems like by the time I finish all the necessary tasks like feeding the kids and putting on pants, I have nothing left in me. It’s nothing terribly serious, just a sore throat, but I’m on antibiotics now, so hopefully it’s on its way out.

So here’s what’s happening. We have a contract on the house. Yay us! Actually, we had a contract before this one, but the buyer backed out because the inspection turned up some foundation damage. Boo! BUT, we are getting it fixed in 10 days, with a lifetime transferable warranty, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Even with that, the first buyer didn’t want to stay on board. Fortunately, he’d been in a bit of a bidding war with another buyer, and they were happy to take his place with the assurance that the foundation work is being done.

So now the race is on to find our next house. We found one that we really liked, but it sold the day before the contract went on ours. And we’ve since found one that we really love, but there are some issues with it that would have to be resolved for it to be an actual option for us. It’s all very much up in the air from our viewpoint, but God has definitely been moving and providing, so we will see what happens.

So as far as crafting goes, there’s been a little bit. Not much, but a little. And I don’t have any tutorials for you right now, but here are a few things I’ve made.

Back in July a little girl at our church had a birthday, and I made her this fun candy colored paracord bracelet and earrings set. The bracelet actually ended up being a little small for her, so I made her a bigger one and she sent this one back to Lily.

My friend Melissa just had her gorgeous baby girl MacKenzie. Her nursery is done in gray and yellow with accents of teal in an elephant motif. So back in August for her baby shower I made her a few gifts. First was this paper banner with bows made using my Sizzix Bow Die.

I found this yellow and gray photo box at Hobby Lobby to put it in for gifting, and she can use the box in baby girl’s room.

I made her a couple of curved burp cloths out of white terry cloth and this super soft cuddle minky.
And I also made her a faux chenille blanket. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t entirely happy with how the blanket turned out. The blue looked more teal in the store, and I should have used it as the one of the chenille layers and not the base fabric on the back. I should have sewn the lines half as far apart so the chenille strips would have been more even and stuck out less from the blanket. But it’s still super cuddly, and she said she loves it.

My mother-in-law Brenda’s birthday was also in August, and I made her this card.

It’s very simple, but I like it. I’d really like to get into making cards on a more regular basis. I’ve got stamps, stamp pads, and embossing folders for days, but not much of a place to do it right now. And most of my stamps and ink pads are in storage right now anyway. When I get a craft room one of these days I plan on making up a bunch of different elements and having my girlfriends/sisters in law over for a card making party.

I also made Brenda this pretty patchwork zipper pouch.

The mint fabric was a duck cloth remnant from Hobby Lobby I think, and the coral polka dot fabric was from a pair of pants in the giveaway pile. I made my Mom a very similar one for her birthday in July.
Inside the pouch for Brenda I included this simple bead and chain set I made with these awesome metal filigree beads I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
We also had another Walridge Baptist Church Ladies Craft Meeting last month, but that one deserves a post of its own.
We could really use your prayers that God will show us to the house He has for us and that everything will go smoothly with the sale/closing on our own house. It looks like the timing may end up pretty tight on it – for us to close on the new home the same day as we close on the old home we will have to find the right house and have an offer accepted in the next week or so. Exciting times, people!
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Where We Are

I know I’ve been absent here. I’ve kind of had the blog on hiatus while we were dealing with selling the house, and while we’re still dealing with that, this seems like a good time to update.

So here’s what’s been happening since my last post. Both of our families came together on a couple of days to help with the final push getting our house to market. And they (and we) worked HARD! And we got it all finished. A few days later a very sweet photographer showed up to take listing photos, and we went live a few days later on May 2.

We started getting showings right away, 5 in the first couple of days. And though it eventually slowed down some, it’s been very steady. But we’ve not found the right buyer yet. And the contingency contract we signed on the home we wanted to buy ran out 6 days ago. We contacted the home owners, and they agreed to renew if we wanted, but we wanted to go see the home again. So we went to see it 3 days ago, and we noticed a few things that hadn’t really stood out to us before. We still love the home, but basically there are too many things that would need to be taken care of as soon as we move in for us to be able to afford with the combination of their asking price and the profit we’re likely to get from selling our current home. So after much prayer and discussion, we opted not to renew our contract with them. And we’ve not ruled it out completely, but there are a few things that would have to change if we do buy it. And of course it may sell before ours does, so we’re just trusting God to work things according to His plan. 
So anyway, here are a few pics of our current home. You know, if you’re in the market.
The Kitchen. We painted the cabinets white a few months ago, and I couldn’t believe how much it brightened up the whole space. 
That pantry cabinet holds a TON.

That hallways leads down to a bathroom and two bedrooms, plus a linen closet. And that door you see just down the hall is a pretty roomy under-stairs storage closet.

The Living Room. First of all, I feel that I should point out that the stuffed fish, deer head, and ducks on the walls are not actually part of the building structure. This might seem obvious, but we did in fact have one viewer that left feedback that they didn’t like the house because of the taxidermy. Those are, uh, ours. Fear not, they will be moving with us.

I realize that the couches and chair we chose are a maybe bit large for the room, but frankly we spend most of our time in this room, and it’s nice with a family of 5 to have space to comfortably seat 8 so that we can all sit with some space around us. Assuming I can untangle Sawyer from my hair and get Lily off my shoulder.

The Downstairs Bedrooms. 
Bonus picture of Sawyer helping paint before the new carpet went in.

When we just had Taylor, this one was our family room/den. It’s very roomy.

The Downstairs Bath. I hate trying to get pictures of bathrooms, don’t you? Anyway, it’s a full bath.

The Master Bedroom. This is where all the magic happens.*

I can’t quit staring at my crooked bedspread. What happened? Anyway, lots of room and his and hers closets.

The En Suite Bathroom. Also a full bath.
The Great Outdoors. This deck has a fresh paint job here. And by fresh paint job, I mean we decided the night before the photographer came to go ahead and paint it, and we did much of this by…flashlight. Fortunately it proved quite passable by the light of day.

The Back Yard.

One last shot of the outside. The roof is 3 years old, and the HVAC unit with air purifier is 5 years old.
If you or anyone you know in the area is interested in a great starter home in a quiet older neighborhood, please feel free to contact our Realtor using the form on the listing page.
So anyway, that’s la casa. Meanwhile, we’re still planning and praying (but praying more than planning). The really excellent news is that all this waiting and showing is getting the whole family in excellent practice for keeping a neat and tidy house, and with so much of our stuff in storage, we’re really finding out just how much we can live without. Except for my craft stuff. I need all of that. All of it.

*I just ruined this post, and possibly this whole blog for my mom. Sorry, Mom. Mystery of the grandkids revealed.

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Gratuitous shot of my cute kiddos, because what’s a post without a picture?

Okay, so I’m still here. I even have projects to blog about. It’s just that there have been such big things going on in my life that I can’t seem to put them all into words. It seems hard to post about small things without talking about big things. But God has been moving here, and it is important that I talk about that.

So I’ve mentioned that we’ve been getting our house ready to list. And it’s a process that has stretched out longer than we’ve wanted, but God’s timing is in everything. There is a house that we had been looking at since January. We really liked it, and it had many, many of the things we want/need in a new home. A big garage for Nick, bedrooms for all the kids, a space for a craft room for me, even a bit of extra room for a play room. And it was close to the price we were looking for. We had been to view it inside a couple of times, and we were just waiting to get our own house on the market before we made an offer.

Finally, after talking to our Realtor (who was also their Realtor), he indicated that the homeowners would be open to a contingency offer since we were so close to listing. So we made an offer. And we waited. And they had another offer from another buyer. And they came back to both of us and asked us both to submit our very best offers. So we gave them our walk-away price, and we waited and prayed. And finally they decided – on the other offer.

And while we had prayed and prayed that God’s will would be done here, whether or not that meant us getting this particular house, it was hard for me for a bit. Because I’m silly and human and imperfect and eventhoughIknowbetter, sometimes I get impatient with God. And this feeling sad and a little teary went on for about an hour.

Then Nick found a listing online that we had never seen before, mostly, I’m sure, because it had only been on the market for 9 days, and we were concentrating on the other house. It looked very interesting to say the least, and we decided to see if we could go see it the next day. As luck would have it, the owners were happy to let us come by.

The home is partially renovated, with most of the major work done, but there is still a lot to do. Most of it is relatively minor, tile installation, painting, etc, all things we can do ourselves, although there are a few bigger things still to be done too. A lot of work. A lot.

We fell head over heels in love. In. Love. We prayed about it, and we felt liberty to put in an offer. So I texted the homeowners to thank them for letting us look and tell them that we would like to make an offer. Then we called our Realtor to let him know. I think he was caught off guard, because this was just a day or two after he had to deliver the news that our offer on the other house had been rejected, but he was happy to contact the owners of this new listing for us.

Longish story shortish, the owners decided to accept our offer, even though we’ve not officially listed our house yet, and we have a signed contract! We also have 90 days (a bit less now) to sell our own home. We go to market next Monday, ready or not, and tomorrow we’ve got (hopefully) lots of help coming to knock out the last bit that we have left to do. Guys, I don’t want to share too many details about the new house at this point, but I just have to say that it has things I never in my wildest dreams believed we would have. God is SO very good to us, ALL THE TIME, and He constantly amazes me with how He blesses us.

He’s already moving us through this process, starting with the homeowners accepting an offer from us when we didn’t even have our own house listed yet (and yes, they knew this). And today brought another big answer to prayer. One of the biggest things about the first house we were looking at that was not ideal for us was the high school it would have Taylor zoned for. It’s not a bad school, but it’s also not our first choice, or even our second or third. Our first choice is the high school attached to (like in the same parking lot as) the middle school she’s in now, but due to the crazy zoning in our area, even if we stayed right where we are, next year she would go to a high school in the next community.

So a few months ago we put in a request for a transfer to our first choice high school. And to be honest, I wasn’t holding out great hope that we would be approved. Transfers around here are notoriously hard to get unless you are a teacher zoned outside of your school of employment or your kid is highly involved in a school specific program. But we submitted the transfer request and prayed for the best. And it turns out that this house we have an offer in on now is zoned for the same high school as the first house we tried to buy. But we felt God telling us to put in the offer, so we were trusting that He had a plan for that too, whether that meant that He wanted Taylor there for a reason or whether He had another plan.

Today we got a letter in the mail telling us that Taylor has been approved to attend the high school we want her to attend! There are still hurdles to overcome, the biggest of which is going to be selling our house in the next two and a half months for the right price, but I believe that God’s hand is in this as well, and we want to give Him all the glory for whatever comes out of this situation.

I can’t see the whole picture yet, but I can see some of the ways He has been blessing us, guiding things with His hand and timing even when we’ve been impatient. If we had been able to get our house listed when we wanted to, we would have doubtless made an earlier offer on that first house. And it probably would have been accepted. That home was on the market for over a year before it sold, and the offers from us and the buyer they sold it to were the first offers they had gotten on it. When we lost it, I thought “Man! If we hadn’t waited so long we would have gotten it!” And that’s probably true. But that was not the house God had for us.

The house we have a contract on now is so much more perfect for us in so many ways, and it offers things I never imagined. And if we had gotten an earlier answer on that first house, we would have completely missed seeing this house, because they didn’t even list it until the day after we decided to finally submit an offer on the first house. He kept us interested in and mentally committed to that first house until this one was ready. Even if we had been told no on the first house earlier, we might have tried to buy another house before this one became available, and we might have missed out! God always knows what’s best for us, and, something that I think I sometimes forget, He always wants what’s best for us.

So I can’t say 100% for sure at this point that our house will sell in our time frame, but I can say that if it does not, if for some reason the path we are on suddenly veers to the left, God’s hand will be on it. It won’t be because it was just too big of an obstacle for Him to handle. He loves us, and He has a plan for our lives, and if He doesn’t put us in that home, it’s because He has something for us to do somewhere else, or even right where we are. And if we are where He wants us to be, wherever that is, it will be Home.

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Simple Ornament to Year Round Display

Guys, we are hardcore into this getting-ready-for-market thing over here. The storage unit is rented and more or less filled, the new linoleum is down in the bathrooms, and the new carpet is in (squeeeeee!) People, we have pulled back out the baby gates. That’s right, we are doing whatever it takes to keep little kiddos with crumbs and exuberant puppies well away from the deliciously soft and fluffy goodness carpeting our bedrooms and hallway.

And moooooost of the painting is done. By which I mean we still have to paint the ceilings (how do ceilings get dirty?) and do some touch ups here and there. And we are right smack in the middle of painting all the kitchen cabinets white and ohmygoodnessIlovethem! Why didn’t we do it years ago? SO. A bit slow here on the blog. But crazy, overwhelming, Ijustwantanap busy behind the scenes.

But I managed to break away to slip in a post here. A few weeks ago I became aware of the imaginative world of Patience Brewster. Patience Brewster is a one-artist company featuring the whimsical renderings of Patience in the format of stationary, home goods, art, accessories, and Christmas ornaments. I’m dying a little over this gorgeous Zelda Zebra ornament and think she would look great in my craft room (when it happens).

Like Zelda, many of her pieces are versatile enough to be displayed year round, and I thought I would share with you one of my favorite Christmas ornaments that stays out all year.

I collect Willow Tree figures, and I have a number of them displayed on a shelf in my living room. Several years ago Nick’s grandmother Gail gifted me with this beautiful Heart of Gold ornament, and it’s very special to me.

I normally have it hanging on the wall above the shelf displaying my collection of figurines, but this year I decided to up my game on the display to tie it in with Valentine’s day. This was a super simple project. I grabbed a two pack of 6×8 burlap canvases from Walmart for under $4 and wrapped one around the top with narrow satin ribbon in red. I crossed the ribbon through the elastic string on the ornament and tied it in a bow, then wrapped a bit more ribbon around the center of the bow to finish it off. Then I just hung it up!

This is easy to change the ribbon on to keep the display fresh for the current season, and the neutral colors and the gold of the heart will play just as well with springy blues and greens as it does with the red. And if I decide to use the canvas for something else, it couldn’t be easier to take apart!

I am not affiliated with Patience Brewster, was not compensated for mentioning or linking to her products, and there are no affiliate links in this post.

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Someday A Craft Room (a longish post)

Someday A Craft Room – it’s the title of one of my Pinterest Boards, and one of my fondest wishes. Oh, I’ve got plenty of stuff to stock a craft room – it’s just the room part that’s missing. 🙂

Nick and I are working on some things with our house to get it market ready, nothing too crazy, just basic repairs, like fixing that little chip of stone Sawyer managed to remove from the hearth and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. We don’t have it up for sale yet or even have a solid line on a house to buy, but we are praying that, if it’s God’s will, He will put us in a bigger place.

Back when we bought the house as first time home buyers and brand new parents (Taylor was 6 months old when we moved in), the 1200ish square feet it came with was an abundance. The home was a foreclosure, and it needed a few things, like all the light fixtures, an upstairs toilet and sink, and a door between the kitchen and the garage. Someone had stolen everything they could cart away, the carpet was a mess, and the garage door was busted. The paint on the walls was atrocious, and the kitchen needed new linoleum. Because it had been empty for over a year, the power was off, so when we went to view it on Labor Day evening of 2001, we explored it with flashlights.

Even with all the surface chaos, we could see the features that had long been on our wish list: a fireplace with a stone hearth, a two car garage, two bathrooms, a dishwasher, a front porch, a huge fenced-in back yard. We decided standing right there in that dark, lavender painted living room to put in an offer. We heard back within a couple of days that we had won the bidding. Closing happened within a few weeks, and we and both our families got to work.

Nick’s grandfather Charles, who passed away a couple of years ago, was the greatest handyman I ever knew. He bought us a door for the kitchen and fashioned a gorgeous cover for our exposed doorbell chime from a brass kick plate and one of Nick’s grandmother’s earrings. He painted and installed tile and light fixtures and anything else we needed done. Working right alongside Charles was Nick’s dad Mike, who inherited all his dad’s talent for carpentry and construction. He helped install the new garage door and lighting, and helped Nick and my parents paint and lay the flooring in the living room and kitchen. My mother-in-law Brenda worked just as hard, helping with everything she could get her hand in. My dad took care of the toilet and sink installation, and my mom and Nick’s grandmother scrubbed the house from top to bottom.

I rocked and nursed Taylor in my mom’s antique bentwood rocker in the barren living room, singing Amazing Grace to my baby girl to the background of the hammering and drilling going on in the rest of the house. We painted the living room a rich tomato red and the kitchen and hallway a mossy green. Our big master bedroom was white and airy, and the master bath, the gem of the house, was finished out with bright white beadboard and foresty green ceramic tiles. Taylor’s room was pale blue with bright yellow stars and fluffy white clouds, and that lovely 3rd bedroom was a luxury we turned into an earth toned family room with a big green sectional couch and our tiny 13 inch TV. We had brand new carpet laid in all three bedrooms, and we couldn’t get enough of walking on it barefoot.

We moved in on Halloween, tickled pink by all the neighborhood kids who oohed and aahed over the inviting living room beyond the front door. It was such a perfect first real home for our newly expanded family, and coming from a two bedroom single wide we rented from my Papaw for ridiculously low rent, it felt like a mansion.

For many years it was plenty of room. Then when Taylor was 8, Lily joined our family. Pragmatically, we gave up the den and turned it into a new bedroom for Taylor, and painted her old one pink with big chocolate hued polka dots for the new baby.

I became a full time stay at home mom 3 weeks before Lily was born when my doctor put me on bed rest. When my maternity leave was up, after much prayer and conversation, I went in and quit the bank job I’d had for the last 10 years. Going from two full time paychecks to one was an adjustment and a lesson in faith to be sure, and when Christmas started getting close, I started trying my hand at making some of our gifts. I found that I was my mother’s daughter indeed when I fell head over heels in love with creating.

The problem with that was that now that all of our bedrooms were, well, bedrooms, there was no place to put all the supplies that went along with my new-found career as a crafter. Then when Sawyer came along when Lily was two, it got even more cramped.

Now it’s a juggling act between keeping my craft and sewing supplies put away and inaccessible (rarely) and having access to them at the cost of having our kitchen table relatively buried (usually).

We hope and pray to sometime in the relatively near future be able to buy a house with a bedroom for everybody, and a craft room too. And if/when we do, I’ve got a few things planned for that craft room!

It’s going to be bright, bright, BRIGHT!

Yellows and pinks and oranges and turquoises, greens and purples and polka dots and adorable printables up on the walls and a nice long table where my sewing machine and my serger and my Silhouette machine can live in harmony.

I’ll have a nice big cutting table for fabric and maybe a desk so that my Sizzix machine and dies don’t have to live shoved in a closet.

And of course a cheery corkboard to pin up inspiration, and a big chalkboard to make lists on, and a nice spot to take photos of my projects.

And since I’m really going overboard with the dreaming here, I’ll have a gorgeous white beadboard Workbox.

Of course that’s probably all wishful thinking, but it’s sure fun to dream isn’t it? For now I’m off to continue organizing all my buttons and brads, just in case…

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