DIY Mother’s Day Card – Tear Away Coupons

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Guys, Mother’s Day is just around the corner! I’ve got a fun little card project for you today that will be just perfect! You can check out my YouTube video below (and give me a follow – I’m just getting started, but there will be more to come!). If you’re more of a step by step type of learner, you can follow the tutorial below the video.

Mother’s Day Tear Away Coupon Card

This project incorporates the idea of the classic Mother’s Day Coupon book into a fun card that features perforated tear off strips for the coupons.

You will need a sheet of light colored cardstock, a scoreboard, scissors, adhesive, a paper cutter, a stamp and stamp pad of your choice, and a perforating blade. If you don’t have access to a perforating blade, a sewing tracing wheel will work in a pinch, although your strips will be harder to detach.

We’re going to start with a sheet of card stock and a sheet of coordinating scrapbook paper cut to the following dimensions.

Place your 5.5 x 8.5 cardstock on your score board and score the short side at 4.25” (the halfway point) and again at 1.5”. Then rotate the cardstock 90 degrees and score from the edge up to the 1.5” score line every 1/2 inch.

At this point, you can fill in your coupons. I handlettered one card that I made, and stamped several others.

After filling in your coupon words, use your perforating tool to perforate the line you scored at 1.5”, above the coupon words. If you are using a handheld perforator rather than a paper cutter with a perforating blade, your scoreboard works wonderfully well as a guide. Just scoot it away from the side edge of the scoreboard so that your blade can roll onto one edge of the cardstock and off the other.

I did not add this step in the video, but if at this point your perforated piece seems like it may tear off too easily, which may happen if your cardstock was very thin, you can stabilize it across the back with a piece of coordinating washi tape. This should not prevent the tabs from being torn off when they need to be.

Now you will fold your card base at the 4.25” score mark and adhere the 5.25” x 4” coordinating paper to the front center.

Now take your 4.75” x 3.5” piece and score it all the way around at the 1/4” mark and the 1/2” mark. I like to score one side, flip it around to do the opposite side, then rotate it 90 degrees and score to connect the lines.

Stamp the center with your sentiment, then add foam dots to the back and adhere to the center of your patterned piece. If you would like to emboss your sentiment, do so before adding the foam dots.

Now use scissors to snip the score lines between the coupons, up to but NOT into the perforated line. And you’re done!

I left the inside of the card blank other than the coupons to leave plenty of room for a handwritten message. Add a pretty coordinating envelope from your patterned paper, and you have a really special and unique Mother’s Day Card! You can shop the supplies used in this post below.

If you make this DIY Mother’s Day card, I’d love to see it, so please link it in the comments!

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